Due to the progress of human civilization, especially the rapid development of industrialization in the past two hundred years, our society has completely become commercialized. Everyone lives for money. Those who have no money will destroy the environment in order to make money, and those who have money will waste resources for material desires. No one cares about the earth, Everyone is destroying and polluting the earth home on which we depend,but the earth is an intelligent life body with limited resources, and it can’t stand the long-term and Infinite destruction and waste of the people!  If human beings do not wake up and start from myself, frugality, contentment and gratitude, and emphasis on spiritual practice and reduce material desires,  must be destruction! Everyone has a future only by starting from himself!

Frugality, emphasizing spiritual practice, and reducing material desires are the path that human beings should take.

human profligacy

global crisis

Climate anomalies and environmental damage will inevitably lead to mass extinction of the population

Everyone wake up quickly, start with yourself !  The power of nature is infinite, and technology is not worth mentioning!