If it continues to develop like this, it will surely perish. As any ordinary person, it is the responsibility to tell others. If we don’t wake up and repent, it will be the mass extinction of mankind.

  • Respect for God, contentment, and gratitude. Because God exists, God is emptiness, he is omnipresent and omniscient. He even knows our every thought of us. God nurtured all things in the world. God is like a human being, one thought is a Buddha, another one is a demon, and he is also cultivating Buddha-nature. Therefore, a person who has the most pure, perfect, and loving heart can sense the creator of the universe.
  • Thrifty, contentment, kind, morality, love, joy. Because everything we have is given by God. And God’s resources are limited. And God is watching us all the times. As long as the social atmosphere is good, there will be few natural and man-made disasters.
  • Zen and enlightenment, focus on spiritual practice. Because to break from reincarnation. Return to the embrace of God, the source of life.
  • The earth is an intelligent higher life form, because the earth is also raised by God and is a place specially used to cultivate human souls. Therefore, we should to protect the earth’s environment.

Although our religions and beliefs are different, but as long as it guide to people to be kind and to care for the Earth, it should be recognized and respected.

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