This is a question for each of us to ponder: what is it that is making our lives unsustainable?

We all know the answer is desire. The desire makes us competitive and ceaselessly pursue material enjoyment! The commercialized development makes people’s life views and values link to money. All people care about is making more money, so they plunder and waste resources without concern the God and the earth, who blesses us with everything! It’s just as exposure to a terrible environment accustoms one to evil ways. We have long been numb, taking money as the belief of our lives. But no matter how abundant the resources are, they cannot support the long-term uncontrolled consumption of the 7.9 billion people in the world.

Especially since 1785, when Watt improved the steam engine, the symbol of the first industrial revolution, people have been sinking into material desires! That has accelerated the damage and waste of resources, making it difficult for the earth to self-repair and causing many man-made disasters that should not happen. It’s high time for us to wake up and make remediation immediately.

Only when everyone holds the right value and life view and restrains ourselves will the humanity and the earth are improved. By that time, people will not measure value and success through money or plunder and waste resources to satisfy their desire and competitiveness. Instead, they will pursue intellectual and spiritual satisfaction. In the future, the world will be a commonwealth, people from all countries protect the earth’s environment and work together to form a world with a resource economy that values spirituality more than materialism.