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Due to the influence of natural and human activities, especially reduction of forests and emission of greenhouse gases, rare climate phenomena have occurred more and more frequently.

In August 2021, a huge flood broke out in the Taklimakan Desert of China, and the affected area reached more than 300 square kilometers.

In July 2021, the temperature in Algeria was as high as 60 degrees. The picture shows an Algeria’s camel fainted by the roadside.

In July 2022, there was heavy rain in the United Arab Emirates. While this country belongs to tropical desert climate, which has annual precipitation around 100mm and mainly concentrated in winter. It seldom rains in the UAE. Blue sky and hot sun all year round are the climate characteristics of UAE.

Heavy rainfall in Pakistan floods One-third of the country in July and August of 2022,Due to the large area of desert distribution in Pakistan, the tropical desert climate area is also very wide. Generally speaking, it is relatively hot and dry, and the average annual rainfall is less than 250 mm.

According to the statistics from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center, the amount of melted ice in Greenland (6 billion tons per day) is enough to fill 7.2 million Olympic standard swimming pools in just three days from July 15 to 17, 2022.

1. How important are glaciers to civilization?
2. What if all the glaciers on Earth melted?
3. What will happen to the climate when it melts?
4. After melting, can there really be civilization?
5. Will the water disappear again?
6. Was Mars the same as Earth before?