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By the end of 2018, in the global energy structure, oil accounted for about 33.62%, coal accounted for 27.2%, and natural gas accounted for about 23.86%, and the total accounted for about 84.68%. Therefore, these three energy sources are the main sources of human carbon dioxide emissions.

According to the United Nations “Climate Change 2022: Mitigating Climate Change” report, the average annual global greenhouse gas emissions from 2010 to 2019 were at the highest level in human history, and the emissions in 2019 reached 59 billion tons. In 1850, which is at the end of the first Industrial Revolution, the discharge amount of carbon dioxide was 198 million tons, which has an increases of about 600 times.

It is easy to discharge carbon dioxide, but it is hard to get rid of it. We can only rely on the self-repair system of the earth. When so many abnormal climates and more and more extreme weather occur, we should also be vigilant.

1. How important are glaciers to civilization?
2. What if all the glaciers on Earth melted?
3. What will happen to the climate when it melts?
4. After melting, can there really be civilization?
5. Will the water disappear again?
6. Was Mars the same as Earth before?