(Purely personal perceptions, not necessarily correct !

People’s material life is getting richer and richer, and their housing conditions are getting better and better, but they seldom realize that real estate and infrastructure are the biggest destruction and waste of the earth’s resources, which is also the chief culprit of environmental degradation and energy shortage. Global building energy consumption has surpassed that of industry and transportation, accounting for 41% of total energy consumption, and urban waste related to construction accounts for about 40%.

It is estimated that every ton of cement produced consumes about 235kg of standard coal and emits about 0.6 tons of carbon dioxide. For every ton of crude steel produced, about 1.6-2 tons of iron ore, 0.6 tons of coal and about 1.6 tons of air pollutants are needed. And almost all building materials industries are high energy consumption and high pollution industries! It not only damages the environment, but also pollutes it.