Since it is a spiritual practice, there must be a difference in the level of the spiritual realm. The generally accepted view is that “Unity of Man and Nature” and “Unity of Knowledge and Action” is the highest level of spiritual practice. “Unity of Man and Nature” means that a person has comprehended the principles of nature and can use it to observe the world, and their magnetic energy is good enough to perceive that everything in the world has a life. At that stage, the person would learn to think from the natural perspective, get the ability of foresight, and believe that nature and the earth are intelligent living beings. From another perspective, the essence of spiritual practice is probably to enhance one’s spiritual realm and let people be aware that nature is also a living being.

Those who believe in reincarnation will also believe in the existence of the soul. Since the soul will not disappear, living beings must keep practicing, or they will fall into the Hell Realm and endure endless pain! If a person cultivates his soul exceptionally great, he may surpass the three realms, and leave the Six Realms of Existence,break away reincarnation,became nothingness. Like the stars in the sky, neither of them speaks, but each understands and loves the other.