Firstly, the human is born with needs of matter and spirit, every human harbors the devilish nature and the Buddha nature. The devilish nature reflects the greed, discontent, and evil, representing material desires; the Buddha’s nature reflects contentment, gratitude, and kindness, which stands for good spirit. The two sides are like the yin and yang of Tai Chi, changing among each other. Therefore, consistently cultivating our Buddha nature is effective to the change.

Secondly, the key to getting along with nature and other people is to live in harmony, because people cannot exist independently. The key to harmony is to understand and love each other, so the spiritual practice is required. After all, how can we understand each other if we don’t reflect, don’t feel, and don’t think from each other’s perspectives? We also need to love each other, because only love can build beautiful families and societies.

Thirdly, without spiritual practice, it will be difficult for people to understand each other and mutual tolerance. They will care only about their feelings and interests and be indifferent to others. For families, it connotates quarrels; for companies, it means the beginning of decay; and for nations, it reflects the beginning of disputes and even wars.

The last and the most important reason is that without spiritual practice, the inflated materialistic desire will cause the destruction and waste of the earth’s resources, then leading to the destruction!